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LADCraft is still under development. We will be releasing soon, so please be patient!

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 BowTieGuy21, ME :D

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PostSubject: BowTieGuy21, ME :D   Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:08 pm

Hello everybody. It's BowTieGuy21 here and I would just like to starts off by saying thank you for letting be apart of your build Very Happy I am looking forward to the final project! Anyways, if you need any help with builds or anything, like towers or stuff like that. I'm the guy to ask Very Happy Thank you guys, I bid you a farewell.

EDIT: Just kidding about the farewell thing ;D
Name: Matthew or Matt
IGN (in game name): BowTieGuy21
Age: 16 17 in may
Gender (not required.... cuz we aren't sexist): Male
Timezone: Eastern Time Zone
About you: I am Matt Very Happy I enjoy to play minecraft and build towers in them and what not. I am 16 and I like to have fun Razz
Past experiences with Minecraft: I usually play survival with my friends on their server and revently I built a sandcastle with them, turned out pretty good and we are still workig on it but they are barely on all at the same time soo yeah Razz
Contact Information (aim, skype, msn etc.): I only have teamspeak 3 :O papasmurf
Expectations from server: To help you guys build the server and prepare it for the final release and then playing it Very Happy
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BowTieGuy21, ME :D
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